All the Sequins in Georgia

21 Jul

This past weekend was spent with my former roommates at St. Simons Island, Georgia.  Our “roommate reunion” was full of snacking, sunning, chatting, laughing, laziness and cocktail consumption.

One of our topics of conversation was “fake beach names” circa middle school/high school.  Mine was never the same two years in a row.  One year I was a “Britney,” the next year I was a “Kelly.”  This never worked, of course, because we would be outed by our parents who would call our real name, or wouldn’t answer to the fake name, because, well, it wasn’t really our name.  But, it was fun nonetheless.

In the spirit of this, we assigned fake names for one another.  They weren’t the most beautiful names you’ve ever heard, but having them was just as much fun as it was back in the days of 90210 and football Friday nights.

We also found ourselves doing what a lot of women do:  checking out (and then commenting on) the fashion choices of girls and guys around us.  I know, I know, it’s superficial.  So what?  We know it’s superficial, we recognize that, we do it anyway.  Among the things we saw were a guy who was not a Sailor with a Sailor hat on, and a girl with a shirt that can only be described as having “all the sequins in Georgia” on it.  

And, you know what?  I’ve got mad respect for both of these peeps.  I mean, it takes some guts to bust out your best sequined top and your Sailor cap with Halloween nowhere in sight with such pride.

Note:  Look, I’m not against sequins.  I’m from the South, and I wore many a pageant dress that was adorned with sequins.  I did not, however, wear said sequin gear out to a bar.  Ok, maybe once on New Years Eve.  Fine, maybe every year on New Year’s Eve.  But at this particular bar, on this particular night, sequins were not called for.

One Response to “All the Sequins in Georgia”

  1. Ginny Jones July 24, 2008 at 3:05 am #

    Also making an appearance were the magical, self-destructing clothes of Woodrow – er, Hernandez.

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