Go What Yourself?

28 Jul

During a couples dinner party last weekend, conversation between the ladies turned to:  celebrity gossip, regular gossip, instant messaging and Facebook.  Our husbands ridiculed us for talking about these things, even bonded together about how ridiculous we were.  We, of course, ignored them.

Ashley confessed that she has all of the celebrity gossip magazines (and graciously offered the ones she has already read to us), Benton admitted that she’d checked Perez Hilton every day this summer, and I told them of my love of the website, Go Fug Yourself.  Even from the men in the room, the collective response was, “Go What Yourself?”  Fug, people, f-u-g.

Go Fug Yourself is my favorite (yes, even above Perez) website because it’s all about celebrities and bad fashion.  Think the “When Bad Clothes Happen to Good People” section of Us Weekly times 1000.  The word “fug” derives from “fugly” – a combination of the words “frightfully ugly” (or “another ‘f” word + ugly”).  The writers (aka, the “Fug Girls”), Heather and Jessica, are a mixture of witty and catty that just don’t come along that often.  GFY began as a hobby blog, but became such a sensation that now these girls make a living “fugging” celebrites in various media outlets (they have a weekly column in New York Magazine).  Talk about a dream job.

So, if you have a few minutes to kill – Go Fug Yourself.  You won’t be sorry that you did.

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