Yearbook Yourself

2 Sep
While I can’t take credit for finding this jewel of a web site, I will pass it along to my blog readers with gusto.  I recently logged on to Facebook, and saw some familar faces sporting some very unfamilar hairdos/glasses/outfits.  Turns out, they’d been on, where you upload a current picture of yourself, size it a bit, and just like that – you are transformed into a 1966 version of yourself.  Or 1978.  Or 1990.  There are lots of different years for you to “see yourself” in – so give it a try when you have some down time.  

After I started inserting my friend’s photos, I giggled myself silly over this.  I don’t have permission to publish theirs, so I’ll show you a couple of mine:

That’s me in 1966 and 1992.  ’92 was a rough year, don’t you think?

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