Things I Don’t Understand

18 Nov

You know what I don’t get?
Bank robberies. No one ever gets away with them, yet, people still go ahead and give it a whirl. Just yesterday, 3 banks in our area were robbed. Now, I’m not certain as to when bank robberies began, but in my mind (oh Lordy) they started during the Wild West days. And maybe back then, you could pull it off. There were no armed security guards, security cameras, dye that explodes on the money, etc. But, it’s a new day, robbers, and you people need to get with it. It’s not a good idea, you will get caught, and people will talk about or blog about how moronic you are.

Also, pirates. What does a pirate do, exactly? Do they wear eye patches, drink rum and have parrots on their boat – or is that just in movies? Are they part of a union? What’s their health care like? I mean really, lots of little kids might watch Pirates of the Caribbean and say, “I want to be a pirate when I grow up!” (And who can blame them because Johnny Depp is extraordinarily adorable as Captain Jack Sparrow.) However, they don’t actually do it. They grow up and get a REAL job, because robbing a Saudi oil tanker will do nothing but get you in trouble. People don’t ___ around when it comes to oil.

Lastly, bailouts. If I don’t pay my taxes/rent/car payment/credit card bill/doctor’s bill/fillintheblankhere, NO ONE BAILS ME OUT. I know, I know, it’s for the good of the economy, blah freakin’ blah. But couldn’t we argue that people staying in their homes (not being foreclosed on) and not ending up on the street is good for the economy?

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