27 Dec

Overheard at the airport(s):

Very tired looking mom carrying three bags and holding on to her not so tired three or four year old girl…
“Mommy is about to have a nervous breakdown. Now, you can either come with me or not – it’s up to you.”

Older gentleman and son at baggage claim…
Son: “Hey Dad, tell me what color your suitcase is and I’ll be on the lookout for it.”
Dad: “It’s blue. No, it’s red. Wait, maybe I packed the blue one. Oh hell, I don’t know – ask your mother.”

Little kid (around 8) flying alone, talking to the passenger next to him…
Male passenger: “So, you’re flying all by yourself. That’s a big deal, you must be a brave kid.”
Kid: “Well, I was supposed to fly out yesterday with my sister, but something went wrong with our flight and we got totally screwed.”

In other news, Delta has televisions for every passenger now – and it’s nothing short of awesome. I watched Bravo the whole flight up there. What was on? The Rachel Zoe Project. Yessssssssss. On the way back, my mom decided to play a trivia game (via the Delta tv) and she was terrible. Like, embarrassingly bad. Then, I glanced over and she was playing a second game – all of a sudden, my mom was kicking butt. I was so impressed that I took my headphones off and said, “Wow, mom, good job.” Her reply? “Oh, I’m cheating. That guy over there started the same time I did, and he knows all the right answers!”

I laughed so hard I woke up the person in front of me. Who cheats on a trivia game?

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