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8 Jan

The following email trail was taken from my inbox yesterday. Some blanks have been added to protect the city and people referenced. The email she sent me had been forwarded to the entire staff where she works.

Mom’s email to me
Subject: FW: Beware downtown (City Name was here)

My husband asked if I would forward this email to everyone. This has become a real concern to us after what happened to our daughter over the holidays. IF you have a need to go downtown, please be very cautious and aware of your surroundings.

As a frequent client of downtown ____ establishments, I find it appalling that in the past 2 weeks, two of our acquaintances have been robbed at gunpoint. The responding police officers and investigators said that the occurrences were not at all unusual and that between 5 to 7 armed robberies take place EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK.

That is between:
35 to 49 Armed Robberies per week
140 to 196 Armed Robberies per month
1680 to 2352 Armed Robberies per year

Given the above numbers, what are the odds that you will be mugged the next time that you go downtown? I personally am going to ensure that I reduce the odds against my family being robbed and possibly killed for a night of what? The urban downtown area has some things that can not be found in (different town name), but are any of them worth being killed for? I would never tell you what to do, but as the NEWS is unable or unwilling to report these statistics, I felt that you should be aware.


My response
Subject: Re: FW: Beware downtown (City Name was here)

It’s IDIOTS like that that are the reason downtown ___ continues to have crime. Give a criminal an empty part of town, and you’ve given them a playground. Give a criminal a fearful public, and you’ve given them what they wanted.

Can you say “exaggeration” about the number of robberies? Do you really think there are 5-7 armed robberies each night? I’m pretty sure the media would fall all over themselves to report that.

SEND that out to the staff. Also include that they should never go to any metropolitan city ever. Stay in your houses and shop online. See how well your business community does then.

Can you tell I’m angry?

Mom’s reply
Subject: Re: FW: Beware downtown (City Name was here)

I can tell…

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