Thanks For The Compliment That Makes Me Feel Bad About Myself

24 Feb

Yesterday, while sitting with a group of co-workers and eating lunch, one of the older ladies at the table looked at me and said, “You make me sick. You eat so much and are still tiny.”

First of all, I had to glance down at my plate. I was a little embarrassed by the amount of food that was not left on it. Then, I quickly began defending myself. “Yes ma’am, I do eat a lot, but I don’t eat any sugar, and I stay away from almost all carbohydrates. I can’t eat anything I please and still be the weight I want, so I just do that.”

It was then that she asked this dreadful question: “Well, do you work out?”

My response? “Oh, gosh no. I haven’t exercised since 2003.”

Y’all. Thisisnotgood. I can’t believe that it’s true, number one, or that I would admit it, number two. Don’t they say your muscles start to deteriorate after two weeks of no use? By now I’m nothing but fat and bone. Yikes. Working out to begin today.

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