Identity Crisis

10 Mar

I used to think that once you got married and had new last name, it would be incredibly hard to remember to use the new name in conversation, or while signing it. To my surprise, it really wasn’t that hard at all. I reluctantly embraced the new last name after a few weeks, and it just started to flow. In fact, I rarely slipped and said my maiden name, which is odd, seeing as how I thought this would be something I had to consciously remind myself of. That, and the fact that I liked my maiden name better than my married name. Sign number 1? Maybe.

Enter the situation (which is now referred to as the “unmarrying” process), and I find myself in quite the pickle. Professionally, I’m Mandi MarriedName – so that is how everyone associated with my job knows me. I haven’t been at this job all that long (You remember the lay off, right? Geez. Rough year.) so to switch over overnight seems like a bit much. What if I change everything (emails, business cards, allthatjazz) back to my maiden name…and people start asking me if I got married? That would be a disaster for me to explain, and I’m not really fond of telling Random Rita from XYZ Company all my biznass.

This is when it would’ve been a smart idea to hyphenate my name. Then, all I would have to do is drop one. Like, oops, it fell off, I’m just Mandi MaidenName now. Dang those traditional ideas. Dang ’em.

One Response to “Identity Crisis”

  1. Southern Girl March 12, 2009 at 1:57 am #

    Um…I was a “Random Rita” at work recently…had a co-worker change her name and I was like “did you get married or something”. No…try door #2…thanks for playing. 😦 Too bad I hadn’t read your blog beforehand…or, just actually thought before I spoke. Open mouth, insert foot.

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