I Know, Right?

27 Mar

Y’all. It’s been too long.

You’ll have to forgive me, but my life is craze to the z right now. Work has been terribly busy, and I can never seem to get everything finished, so I’m there constantly. Not fun.
But, hey, I’m grateful for a job.

I’m in the process of buying a house, and Lawd have mercy – there’s a lot to do there, too. Meet the home inspector, then a roof inspector, then a chimney inspector. I would not be surprised if there is an inspector who specializes in inspecting the inspection. Not to mention the meetings and phone calls with the bank and insurance agent. Not fun.
But, hey, I’m grateful I am in a position to purchase a home.

What is fun, though, is how close I am to becoming a home owner. It’s a mixture of pride and fear that is hard to describe. A million thoughts go through my mind about that house every day: Am I making a mistake? Will it have good resale value? What if this goes wrong? Then, I remember to breathe, and I answer myself: No, you love it, it’s perfect for you. Stop worrying about selling something you don’t actually own yet. You’ll just get it fixed.

My Dad says I’ve lost my mind for buying an 88-year-old house, but I beg to differ. Sure, she’s old. But she’s got style. And charm. And at 88, I bet she’s just as pretty (if not more so) than when she was 15, or 20, or 30.

I want to be just like her.

One Response to “I Know, Right?”

  1. Erica March 27, 2009 at 10:52 pm #

    I have missed your posts this week.. i mean some of us r busy and all and still find time to blog 🙂 you have got to start the future posting 🙂 Excited u r back n can’t wait to see the new house- we will have to name her!

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