About My Mom

11 May

So, I had a busy weekend (see next post), but I wanted to quickly write a little something about my mom…in honor of Mother’s Day.

My mom – she’s the best friend I’ve got, and I can remember telling her all the things I shouldn’t have from a young age. She’s done the same with me, don’t worry. We’ve leaned on each other for support in life’s challenges, both good and bad. No one can make me happier or more crazy than my mama.

She does things that are totally ridiculous, for example – backing out of the garage with the door down, or buying in to anything a sales person tells her, but that is what makes her, her. She’s always been pretty, and she’s always been on a diet. Kind of. She always cheats on them. Her face turns red if she breaks a sweat (and I mean really red), and she can never find her keys. I used to be able to locate her in the school building because of how loud her laugh is. She loves animals, always has, and treats them like humans. She is my biggest cheerleader. Sometimes she adds an “er” to the end of a word when it shouldn’t be there. She denies this. She loves to take a bath, and has every kind of bath oil or bath accessory invented. She loves planting and tending to flowers, but has given it up because she hates snakes. She absolutely cannot text message, and she has no will power. Like, less than none. She’s the best cook in the world (sorry Paula Deen, you ain’t got nothin’ on my mom) and when she cooks, she cooks. We’re talking three meats and 8 vegetables. She has the best hair. I didn’t get her hair. She doodles and draws when she’s on the phone for a long period of time. She’s a first grade teacher, and despite what she tells you, she loves it. She is excellent at her job (she teaches them to read, how cool is that?), but would never ever accept any public credit or award for it. She’s the most helpful person I know. She is a shopaholic, and not just for herself. She buys a little for everyone, so we don’t mind it so much. She speaks her mind, so if you don’t want to hear it – don’t ask. You do not want to be on her bad side because it’s hard to get off. She is not fond of aging, and refuses to grow old gracefully. She loves her children (including the doggie ones) and will defend us no matter what.

My mom has always told me to do this or not do that, “so you won’t turn out like me” – but has never realized that turning out like her would be just fine. In fact, it’s what I’m going for.

2 Responses to “About My Mom”

  1. Benton May 12, 2009 at 8:22 pm #

    That’s so sweet!! I love Mrs. Linda!!!

  2. Mandi May 14, 2009 at 2:31 am #

    Leapin’ Linda is something else. We should blog about Brenda!

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