I Love What You’re Wearing

30 Jun

Cameron Diaz was probably the first tall, leggy blonde that I took one look at…and hated. I remember seeing her in The Mask alongside Jim Carey and thinking, “Wow. I will never look like that.” But, despite her ability to make me want to throw a punch at my mirror, I still like her. She’s bubbly, giggly and goofy, and I can’t help myself – I want to be friends with her.

Here’s that precious Cammy D looking outstanding in a white mini-dress at the premiere of My Sister’s Keeper the other night:

There are, of course, many other pictures in which her stance is a bit more flattering, but I chose this one so you could see the entire get-up. I love the fabric of this dress – you ladies out there know that when it comes to wearing white, the fabric makes all the difference in the world. Cheap fabric = lumpy marshmallow, not “summertime chic” as Cameron is here. Paired with the dress are very pale pink strappy heels and, I have to say, I like the little kick they give. Like, “Surprise! You thought you’d see boring shoes, but nope, here we are. Pink and perfect.”

Well done, Cam. But ease up on the botox, would ya?

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