I Need a Vacation from My Vacation

15 Jul

I will write more about my fabulous trip later, but since I’m a bit brain dead – this is what you get for now.

Some things I learned on my European adventure:

  1. I can live without the internet. Barely.
  2. Wine “over there” is a whole lot cheaper. This is not necessarily a good thing, people.
  3. The French love President Obama, but still hate us.
  4. The siesta is the most genius idea ever. Ever.
  5. Eating dinner at 10:00 in Spain is normal. And, it’s still light out then – I was amazed.
  6. Watching the movie Taken makes you paranoid into thinking everyone wants to “take you.” They asked, “So, where are you staying?” I said, “I can’t tell you that – I’ve seen Taken.”
  7. Being confined to a small room with three girls is hilarious. My abs look amazing from the laughter.
  8. Walking the entire Champs-Elysées in heels is not a good idea.
  9. European men can wear some suits. Ooh la la.
  10. There are some words that are universal. They are: no, taxi, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s.
  11. I’m not good with foreign languages or maps.
  12. In trying to describe what states we were from, it helped to give related things/people. For example: North Carolina = Marlboro cigarettes or Georgia = the Olympics in Atlanta, or (more effectively) the home of Outkast and Usher.
  13. Oven mitts are necessary when using the hotel hairdryers in Paris. Maybe it was just our hotel, but I feel the need to warn people nonetheless.
  14. When an airline loses your luggage, they give you these cool t-shirts and a bag of toiletries – and they deliver your luggage to your hotel. It’s actually not a bad deal.
  15. Those really ugly/dorky donut pillows for your neck work. I don’t care what I looked like – I slept on planes and trains with that thing.
  16. Cabs in Paris are nicer than anything I’ll ever drive.
  17. Americans are prudish, but I’m ok with that. The PDA/lack of clothing was a bit much at times.
  18. All the change those euros give you make you feel like you are spending less money that you are. Hello, it’s not a nickel, it’s $1.50.
  19. The Europeans embrace their animals. I’d fit right in – they take their dogs everywhere, even to restaurants.
  20. Sleep is overrated.

One Response to “I Need a Vacation from My Vacation”

  1. BWC July 16, 2009 at 12:26 am #

    I'm so glad you heeded my advice about the Taken thing…and those neck pillows are awesome!

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