My Thoughts on News Items

6 Aug

The Gym Shooter
Seriously, people, this guy was a whack job. I’m bored/confused by people saying they “feel sorry” for him. I don’t. He murdered people. Because he didn’t have any friends or a girlfriend since 1980-something. 100 bucks says there’s a reason for that. And the reason is he was a psycho.

Krazy Glue Cheater
It’s not funny, but it is. That Krazy Glue is stome strong stuff, y’all. One time when I was little (and my grandmother was supposed to be watching me), I Krazy glued a nickle to our kitchen table. My parents were not too pleased, and tried everything to get it off (to no avail). But, it always made for a good laugh when someone who hadn’t dined with us before tried to pick it up. It did eventually come off. 15 years later.

Sonia Sotomayor
This makes me yawn a little, as I had hoped for a bit more “umph” during the hearings. But, all in all, I love a woman in power. Go ‘head, Sonia.

Mariah Carey vs. Eminem
Ohnoshedidn’t. Yep, she did. Mimi should’ve known better than to diss the lyrical genius and not-so-stable Marshall Mathers. I’m Team Eminem on this one, folks.

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