My Apologies 9th Street. You’ll Shine Bright Again Soon.

25 Sep

Left work event in a hurry to get to a meeting, jumped in car, put car in reverse, backed out of parking lot…heard noise, felt impact.

I did not hit a car, I did not hit a person (thank goodness), I did not hit a building.

I hit a light post. I not only hit it, I took that sucker out. Like, out of the cement it was in, out. I was mortified. It was just lying in the street…glass everywhere. With my face red as a beet, I called 911 to confess what I’d done. I’m sure they’ll play that one back at happy hour and laugh hysterically. Or, better yet, they’ll use it for training purposes. “Ok, group, here’s a tough test for you. You will have to respond to this caller and not laugh in her face. Good luck.” I also thought the police might have a few jokes once they arrived. Thankfully, I was wrong. What did the policeman say? “Don’t worry, ma’am, it happens all the time.” (I asked if he could write that down so I could show my family, but he thought I was kidding. I wasn’t kidding.)

Apparently these pretty light posts (it wasn’t one of those huge poles you see lighting an entire street, more of a “downtown decorative” one) are designed to fall apart easily, you know, for people like me who ram their cars into them. And, according to the business owner who came out to see if I was ok (I heart the South!), this light post has only been back up for about a week.

My car has minimal damage (a small dent in the bumper), which is a blessing. The poor light post was hauled away, however, and I can’t help but wonder how much one of those things cost. Based on my research (at, I’m guessin’ they ain’t cheap.

One Response to “My Apologies 9th Street. You’ll Shine Bright Again Soon.”

  1. Hilary September 29, 2009 at 3:17 pm #

    I know how you feel. I've done the same thing…except it wasn't a lamp post – it was my house. It happens…

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