THE Birthday

18 Dec

Yikes…it’s here. The big one. The end of an era.

Hello, 30, I’ve been expecting you. I hope we will be great friends, and that you aren’t as traumatic as everyone makes you out to be. After midnight tomorrow night, I will no longer be able to say I’m in my late twenties. Sigh.

If anyone needs me, I will be celebrating 30 years of awesomeness with a cocktail or 6.

One Response to “THE Birthday”

  1. Jen Loveday-Donovan December 19, 2009 at 12:28 am #

    Sunshine, You have nothing to worry about…I thought I would go nuts, have a break down, or at least need botox…quite the contray…I feel fabulous! I would like to think we are in the prime/wiser time of our lives! Ms Mandi you will make thirty look amazing!

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