I’ve Had The Worst Day. Can I Come Make You Dinner?

10 Feb

On Monday night, a friend called me to tell me she was having an awful day. She asked if I wanted to go to dinner, and sighed when I said I couldn’t because I had pork chops defrosting. I promptly told her she was welcome to one, but that I wasn’t sure what accompaniments I would have. Being the intuitive and smart gal she is, she knew what I meant by that: I’m pretty low on veggies, and I’m a meat girl, so you might be in trouble.

Fifteen minutes later, she showed up and proceeded to take over my kitchen. Roasted asparagus, baked spaghetti squash, stir-fried cabbage and pork chops were prepped and prepared in no time. Just as we were about to sit down to eat, I realized and said out loud, “Wow. I’ve done nothing. All I did was open the wine.”

Poor thing. She had a bad day and then had to cook me dinner. I’d be willing to bet she’ll call another friend next time.

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