The Real Housewives Are Back

8 Mar

Thank goodness those Orange County and Atlanta hussies are outta here. The “real” Real Housewives have returned! The lovable ladies from NYC will be coming into my living room every Thursday night for a whole season. The ridiculous drama and awesome one-liners from Bethenny began last week, and I’m already hooked (again).

On the first episode we had to endure Ramona walking around in a less-than-full-coverage bikini, which left me wondering…at what age does a bikini need to be replaced by a one piece? Ramona is well into her 40’s, and although she has a great body, I feel like the bikini was a bit much. I’m thinking I will cut myself off from the two pieces at 35.

In other news, I am still unable to comprehend 98% of what Kelly says, but judging by the puzzled glances of Jill and Luann, I am not alone.

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