Spring Fever And A Hair Brush

26 Mar

BlackBerry Messenger Chatter:

With Ben…
Ben: I’m in the mood to do some serious spring cleaning.
Me: Me too. Only scratch the word “cleaning” and insert “shopping.”

With a friend…
Friend: Everyday I hear the woman in the cube next to me talk (rather, argue) with her children. It makes me want to get my tubes tied.
Me: I almost just wet my pants.
Friend: Today, her child (she has three) called crying because she could not find a hair brush.
Me: Yeah, well, I couldn’t find one today either, but I just went with it. Had to be at work at 7:00 – figured no one would notice.
Friend: The reason that I don’t want children is not because the child called her, but I sat here thinking…if my child called me with that sob story, I would drive home, find a brush and hit her with it. It was at that point I realized I shouldn’t reproduce.
Me: On the contrary, I think that is the exact reason you should reproduce.

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