If This Guy Can Enjoy His Job…

27 Apr

After I posted the entry on bathroom signs, I thought about a something I saw on television a few months ago.

CBS has a show called “Undercover Boss” where the president of a company literally goes undercover to work in different areas of the organization. I saw an episode with Larry O’Donnell, President and Chief Operating Officer for Waste Management, and one of his tasks was to clean port-a-pottys at a fairground. The “job trainer” he was partnered with (keep in mind that the trainer had no idea who Larry O’Donnell was) had such a good attitude about his job, that he was promoted by O’Donnell and is now giving motivational speeches to other employees at Waste Management.

“I kept trying to figure out what motivates him. He takes a job that most people would consider nasty, and he turns it into something funny and fun. If we could all be that way, what a great company we would have.”
-Larry O’Donnell on Waste Management employee Fred

Watch the 3 minute clip here:

One Response to “If This Guy Can Enjoy His Job…”

  1. Anonymous May 3, 2010 at 9:16 pm #

    Agreed. My job is SUPER compared to that one!

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