Today’s Yays

28 May

yay for:
a short workday and a long weekend
my mom, a sweet/fun lady who also dogsits for free
an old shirt that i still get compliments on
sc political drama that continues to unfold
a pedicure and summer pink toenails
having a big work event out of the way
two friends getting married this weekend
plans to see sex and the city 2
skipping the workouts until tuesday
spending the weekend at the beach
‘dress season’ being in full effect
a song that reminds me of my high school friends
ben’s passport coming in (because I would have gone to mexico without him, believe me)
people who say “darlin‘”

One Response to “Today’s Yays”

  1. Who's AB? June 1, 2010 at 2:29 pm #

    What's the song?

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