I Love What You’re Wearing

3 Jun

First things first: Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or has Kristin Davis really slimmed down? Perhaps it was so she could fit easily into the vintage gold (and sequined, you know how I heart sequins) halter gown by Norman Norell at the SATC London premiere. You know, because you typically need to alter yourself to fit in a vintage gown, and not the other way around (especially if you have to give it back).

Secondly, any woman who gets better looking with age is now an inspiration to me. It’s more than an inspiration, really, it’s a goal. Snaps to Davis for being a 45 year-old woman who isn’t trying to look 29. I’m in love with the dress – it’s says ‘old Hollywood’ glamour without screaming it (I’m talking to you, Kim Cattral. I prefer a more subtle approach.)

Hat-tip, on the ensemble Charlotte…er, Kristin. I, for one, am certainly glad you redeemed yourself after that horrendous thing you wore to the NYC premiere of the movie. It looked like you had a run in with a Pepto-Bismol bottle on your way to prom. We knew you could do better than that.

2 Responses to “I Love What You’re Wearing”

  1. Anonymous June 7, 2010 at 9:18 pm #

    She is fabulous! So was the movie!

  2. Mandi June 8, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

    I love her, but I didn't really love the movie.

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