Snippets From My Cell Phone

16 Jun

Recent snippets from my cell phone make my friends and I look like child haters and alcoholics. Before you go hatin’ on us, we are neither.

Text Messaging with Cecilia:
Tuesday night…
Me: I may or may not have had wine for dinner. Guess which?
Cecilia: I am going to go with door number 1.

Me: Baby showers. If you ever have one, I’m drinking before, during and after. You have been warned.
Cecilia: Um, yeah. Are y’all playing pin the tail on the infant yet? Oh, and my personal favorite…’everyone who is not artistic decorate a onesie.’ Right now I’m working on some chicken salad and about to hit up the pool. Holla at your childless girl.

Blackberry messages from a friend:
Friend: Babies R Us…the sixth circle of hell.
Friend: The people in here appear to be very unhappy…just sayin’…
Friend: I’m starting to itch! I think I am allergic.

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