20 Aug

It’s the talk of my town today that a Superior Court Judge shot and killed an intruder in his home. I admit that the story is a strange one, given the judge’s profession, but the shock that surrounds this story perplexes me. Is self-defense really that shocking to the rest of you? It shouldn’t be. Don’t let it be.

I have a close friend who was attacked by a masked stranger in her home while she was sleeping a few years ago. She survived that horrific incident because she fought back. Even after being woken in the middle of the night, she found the courage (and the strength) to fight for her life. The man who attacked her was a serial rapist, but he did not rape her. He ran out of her home when she wouldn’t “cooperate” – and he sits in a jail cell as I type this, largely because of my heroic friend. After hearing her story, I decided it was time for me to have a plan of action – and now I have one. I hope and pray that I’ll never have to use it, but if I need to, I will. Because not defending myself against someone who wants to harm me is just not an option.

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