I’ll Have To Amend That List Of Things I Don’t Do

8 Sep

After gabbing about the “dress blog” with Cecilia, she talked me into taking a sewing class with her. She’s the same friend who started our book club, by the way. (I’m beginning to wonder if she’s 20-something going on 80-something, but I’m ok with it.)

I am getting very excited about the possibility of making fun dresses AND not having to pay to have every single pair of pants I purchase hemmed. (Like I told Ben this weekend, I pay for the pants, and then an extra $15-20 to get them hemmed. I pay more for less…there is nothing fair about that. Isn’t being short punishment enough? Short and broke is just the universe poking fun at me.) This means, however, that I’ll have to amend my list of things I don’t do. (Sewing is one of them. Along with camping, wearing leggings as pants, hunting and watching Jay Leno.)

In my head, I’m already the next Michelle Smith. In reality, I’ll probably never sew a straight line.

One Response to “I’ll Have To Amend That List Of Things I Don’t Do”

  1. Cecilia September 10, 2010 at 2:46 am #

    A#1- technically Shannon started the book club. B#2-I would never, never, ever make you watch Jay Leno. Team Conan and or Chelsea.

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