The Perpetual Bachelorette?

23 Sep

Since leaving home for college some years ago, I’ve had my share of roommates as well as my bouts of living solo. Right now, I’m sans a roomie, with the exception of William Wallace, who’s a pretty decent one, except that I have to make his food for him and he never cleans up after himself. (Reminds me of someone else I know, but, let’s not go there.) Living with roommates is fun – there’s always someone to talk to, and you can usually mooch off of their food if you forgot to go to the grocery store. Living alone, however, is fabulous. Sure, I have moments of not being able to reach something (or in my old house, a closet door falling off – you can’t fix a closet door by yourself, trust me on that) and wishing I had someone to lend a helping hand. But, for the most part, the only real negative I can see to living solo is that I might be turning into a perpetual bachelorette.

I have recently realized that I’ve become even more peculiar about where I like “my things” than I already was. Y’all. This-is-not-good. I was pretty damn peculiar before. And, I have also noticed (more now than ever before) that I like to do what I like to do when I like to do it – otherwise known as I’ve become totally selfish. I am, by nature, a person who follows a routine. Living by myself allows me to follow my morning and nightly routines sans interruptions. All of these realizations have me worried that I’m making myself impossible to live with. I have become that person my mom warned me about. “Never go out with someone who has been a bachelor too long. He’ll be set in his ways.”

Yikes. Am I becoming set in my ways? Am I living in a bachelorette pad? (My house isn’t very masculine, now that I think about it. I bet any guy would walk in and say, “This would have to go, and so would this” as he pointed to my lacey white shower curtain and clawfoot tub. And then I’d promptly smack him.) If I had a magic eight ball to shake up and flip over, I believe the answer to these questions would be: It is decidedly so.

I either need to get a roommate, or just toss in the towel and get a few dozen cats.

3 Responses to “The Perpetual Bachelorette?”

  1. Long Island September 23, 2010 at 11:59 pm #

    Lace can be dealt with in moderation. But a claw-foot tub is a +1 in my book. Just don't bitch when you see that the Marker's Mark is a little low.

  2. Weekend Roommate September 24, 2010 at 12:14 am #

    I like the lace shower curtain and I've learned to not use the pink hand towel.

  3. Mandi September 27, 2010 at 10:58 pm #

    The pink hand towel is for GUESTS. If you are not a guest, you can't use it.I'm not sure that even I want to live with me.

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