For Body Shops…And Tequila

21 Nov

You know, the universe really could be messin’ with me. November, the month of thankfulness, has been pretty unlucky for me. And by “pretty unlucky” – I mean that if I were any one of my friends and a thunderstorm came up…I’d exit stage left. As quickly as possible. (During the first three weeks of this month, I’ve managed to have a camera and two cell phones stolen from me.)

On Friday night, while sitting with friends at a bar/restaurant in Columbia, South Carolina, my friend Meigs’ husband looks out the window and says, “Someone just hit that white car out there and kept going!”

That white car? Well, OF COURSE IT WAS MY CAR. And this guy (girl?) took the term hit and run to a whole ‘nother level, as they didn’t even think about stopping. Not even for a second. They just side swiped my drivers side from the back bumper to the front mirror (which landed about 15 feet away) and kept on a-truckin’.

After the police report was all taken care of, I marched back into the restaurant, promptly ordered a shot of tequila and had some laughs (ok, fine, and said a few curse words) with my friends. Because sometimes if you don’t laugh, you’ll go insane, right?

So, today – I’m thankful for body shops…and tequila.

Side note: Stop testing me, November.

One Response to “For Body Shops…And Tequila”

  1. Ben November 23, 2010 at 4:22 pm #

    I like your previous post better.

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