Birth Day On Her Birthday

29 Dec

A dear friend of mine gave birth to a healthy baby boy on her birthday today. Yes, she had a baby on her birthday. And, before you go all “What a wonderful gift” on me, please recognize that I know that. Her little boy is the most precious gift she could ever receive.

That said, her husband better have a really nice present for her after laboring (literally) on her birthday. Something that involves diamonds, perhaps. I’m just sayin’.

All day today, I checked my phone constantly to see how far along my friend was in the birthing process. Here’s a little snippet between me and another single girlfriend:

Anna Beth: Just forwarded you the text I got.
Me: Thanks. Pushing – yuck.
Anna Beth: Exactly.
Me: The only thing I want to push is a cocktail towards me. Or you.

Can you tell that we haven’t exactly found our maternal instinct(s) yet?

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