Raise Your Hand If You’re A Rookie

10 Jan

Confession: Today, I fell victim to the snow storm panic.

Down South we tend to overreact about winter storm warnings. Like, people make a mad dash to the supermarket and fight over the last gallon of milk like it’s the “it” Christmas toy of the season. Grocery stores sell out of bread. School days are cancelled. And all of this happens before the first snowflake falls. And, more often than not, the storm “just misses us” and we see no snow at all.

This afternoon, though, I joined the ranks of the ridiculous as I rushed to Kroger to “stock up” on supplies. (Side note: I realized halfway through the shopping trip, when I began buying things I don’t even eat, that I am exactly like my mother.) The lines were so long that I almost finished an entire issue of Us Weekly while waiting to check out.

I sometimes wonder if the National Weather Service decides to have a little fun with us southerners. It’s a win-win for them: The local economy gets a boost, and they have a few laughs.

One Response to “Raise Your Hand If You’re A Rookie”

  1. Ben January 10, 2011 at 1:24 pm #

    Enjoy your ramen

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