Public vs. Private

30 Mar

Many people have asked me “What gives?” with the privatization (ok, that’s a stretch for that vocab word, but I really wanted to use it) of this blog. I wish there was some big dramatic reason, but: No, I don’t have a stalker, and no, someone didn’t leave a nasty comment, no, my boss didn’t insist, and finally, no, my ex has nothing to do with it. Thanks for the offers of hunting the “person responsible” down, though. I like that you guys have my back.

I created this blog in July of 2008. I made a decision then to have it linked to my real name, a decision that was fine at the time. But, as I get a little older and a little wiser, I see that sometimes it’s not always best to put your thoughts, beliefs and life on display for everyone to see. Let’s say, for example, that a board member from the organization I work for Googled my name (highly unlikely, but I like my paranoia, thankyouverymuch). The first thing that would pop up would be this blog – and boy could they get the wrong impression of me. I write things I wouldn’t typically say or express in any other format, because, in real life – I know when to shut my big mouth. Usually. (Side note: It’s always a bit awkward for me if someone I just met tells me they have read my blog, because I feel like they expect me to perform on the spot. Like, “Say something funny. Go.” And then I can’t perform. I’m rarely witty without a keyboard.)

At any rate, I appreciate more than you know the kind comments and requests to be added to my “safe list” of readers. Time will tell if keeping this blog private will stick, but for now, I’m putting on my biggest Jackie O. sunglasses, covering my face with my hand and saying, “No photographs, please.”

Wow, I’m such a diva. Thank god I’m not famous.

One Response to “Public vs. Private”

  1. Ginny Jones April 28, 2011 at 6:04 pm #

    I'm still hoping it's because you plan to run for public office one day. Mandi for Mayor! Keown for Council! So many possibilities. Can you still do cheerleading stunts? That could be brilliant at a rally…

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