In The Made For TV Movie About Our Lives

19 Apr

Growing up, I watched a great deal of made-for-tv movies.  Why?  I’m not sure exactly, but it could have had something to do with the fact that we didn’t have cable at my house.  Not because we didn’t want to pay for the service, but because the cable companies didn’t run cable “that far out” in the country.  We did eventually have one of those huge satellite dishes (where some channels were scrambled but you could catch glimpses of what was going on), but for the most part, we had 3 channel options.  So, made-for-tv movies were often the only thing available to watch.  And then came cable and the Lifetime Network – and I don’t care who you are (macho or not), if you find yourself 5 minutes into a Lifetime movie, you are stuck there for the next two hours.  Whether you want to be or not.  (Man who married 6 women and each of them thought they were the only one? Serial killer after babysitters?  A teen who kills to be in a sorority?  Hooked, hooked, hooked.)

So last night, when my good friend Anna Beth texted me, it was just one more reminder that she and I share a brain.
Anna Beth: In the made-for-tv movie about our lives, you will be played by Rachel Bilson.
Me:  Hahaha!  Love it.
Anna Beth:  I will be played by Ricki Lake.
Me:  No you won’t.  Stupe.  You will be played by Katherine Heigl.  I’ll end up being played by someone tragic, like Tracy Gold.
Anna Beth:  Maybe Elizabeth Berkley will be available to play me.
Me:  I’m sure she can take a break from porn to do that.  If so, I want Shannen Doherty to play me.
Rest assured, if anything happens in our lives that merit a made-for-tv movie, I will not allow a washed up celeb to “play” Anna Beth.  I will definitely hold out for the award winning actress who is looking for a quick and easy paycheck.  (Ahem, I’m talking to you, Holly Berry.)

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