Quite A Fitting Book Title

15 Nov

This week’s scandal involving General Petraeus’ resignation as Director of the CIA has me loving the nightly news again.  Anything that makes the news more like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is alright by me.

For those of you who aren’t following the drama, I’m about to break it down for you.  You’re welcome, in advance.

It all begins with these two Army-men groupies.  Both brunette, both a little masculine looking, both in their early 40’s (at least they look like they are), both married with kids.  One of them hails from North Carolina and the other is from Florida.  What went down:  North Carolina lady emails Florida girl from an anonymous email account, allegedly threatening her.  Florida girl has this friend in the FBI, so she asks him if he can determine who the emails came from.  And, since he’s in the FBI…of course he can.  (I’m married to an investigator, so trust me – they are the ultimate snoops. In a good way.)  So, FBI dude finds out that it’s North Carolina lady who’s been sending the emails, and that NC lady is the same person who recently authored a biography on Petraeus.  A larger investigation is launched, and they determine that NC lady is having an affair with the General.  I guess when she titled her book, “All In” she was being literal.  Gross.

Anyhow, Petraeus resigns and the scandal breaks.  End of story?  Of course not!  It turns out Florida girl has been emailing another high profile General, and he’s been responding.  “Inappropriate emails” have been sent between the two.  Yikes.  Scandal over?  Not a chance.  Remember FBI dude?  Well, he’s being investigated and was placed on temporary leave because he’s been sending shirtless photos to none other than…Florida girl.

I, for one, am enjoying every minute of this tawdry and tangled web of scandal.  And, I’m going to go ahead and call this one here and now – Florida girl will write a book and make a fortune telling her side of the story.  And, who knows?  Maybe she’ll call it, “All In: A slutty girl’s guide to being married and having two men on the side.”

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