Does Anyone Else?

10 Apr
  • Does anyone else wish the weather would stay this way all year long?
  • Does anyone else wonder why Kim Jong-un’s high top fade hair is so aggressive? (Take it down a notch, would ya?)
  • Does anyone else have pollen on every inch of their porch and house?
  • Does anyone else love the JC Penny commercials? (Especially this one – being a marketing gal myself, my hat’s off to ’em.)
  • Does anyone else miss news (like the death of fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer) and blame their friends for not telling them?
  • Does anyone else miss small town gossip and blame their friends for not telling them?
  • Does anyone else have a strong affection for the color green at the moment?
  • Does anyone else wish they had worn more sunscreen as a teenager and 20-something?
  • Does anyone else think that snap-chat is stupid? (If someone wants to capture the image, they will just screen shot it, people.)
  • Does anyone else like the Arby’s turkey salad as much as I do?
  • Does anyone else think it’s sweet how often Bubba Watson (2012 Masters Champion) cries?
  • Does anyone else have a knack for remembering where they put things? (I can visualize it, even if I put it there years ago. It’s my hubby’s favorite thing about me.)
  • Does anyone else look at their closet and wonder if they could be classified as a hoarder?
  • Does anyone else threaten to stop watching the Today Show but can never bring themselves to do it?
  • Does anyone else wish it were Friday?

2 Responses to “Does Anyone Else?”

  1. AB April 10, 2013 at 10:53 pm #

    Does anyone else hate the term “pocketbook”? It’s a PURSE people…

  2. theworldaccordingtojean April 13, 2013 at 1:34 pm #

    Yes – I threaten to quit watching the Today show EVERY morning – and don’t. Every morning, while making coffee and breakfast, the tv is turned on and I actually click back to the Today show – even if the channel is on Good Morning America when tv is turned on. It has become so bad and boring, I want to call or email someone and tell them to STOP or DO SOMETHING. But why do I keep watching? I’ve even turned back to Good Morning America but then go back to Today after about 30 secs. Loyalty? And I don’t think it’s necessarily sweet when Bubba cries; it was kind of moving at first and then it becomes kind of unsettling and uncomfortable. Like you blog.

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