The N Word

27 Jun

Nope, not the n-word you might be thinking of (thanks, Paula Deen).  I’m talking about North, and I don’t mean the term indicating direction or geography.  North, as in the baby born to Kim Kardashian and Kayne West, ya’ll.  I feel like other than E! News, the world has let this recent ridiculous celebrity baby name go relatively unnoticed, and it’s really starting to bother me.  I get that the Paula Deen story is a big deal, but seriously, they named their baby North West.

Since they are actually calling her “Nori” for short (you know, because a shortened name with more syllables than the actual name is normal), I wonder if the name was an ill-fated attempt to get more headlines than the royal baby (since Kimmy K was due in July, the same month as Kate Middleton).

I’ll never understand why celebrities feel the need to name their children stupid names.  Can’t they just pick something normal, like John or Sarah?  Can’t we as a society revoke their baby-naming privileges at some point?  What’s it going to take, America?  A Kayne/Kim second spawn by the name of East?

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