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I Hate What You’re Wearing

17 Feb

The offender: Fergie (The Pea, not the Duchess)
The item(s) in question: Dress, worn at the Grammy Awards

My thoughts: Oh the things people do to try and get attention with that Lady Gaga hanging around.  (Look, recording artists, Lady G is like Cher – there’s only room for see-through-queen at a time on the red carpet.)  I’m not sure if Fergie got confused about where she was going that day, but someone should have told her that it wasn’t to the beach (Is it a fancy cover-up?  Maybe.) or to the bedroom (When your hubby is Josh Duhamel, you probably need to keep it interesting up in there).  Because this does not a Grammy Awards dress make, Ferg.  (Furthermore, those earrings are a little large for even my gypsy taste.)

The solution: Try a dress with, I don’t know…a liner.  And, cut those gosh awful nails down some.  They look like weapons of mass destruction.