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Southern Manners & Delivery Folks

7 May

I have a habit of making friends with regular delivery (US Mail, UPS, FedEx) people.  Maybe it’s the small-town in me, but I feel compelled to at least give a bright & cheery “hello” when they walk in.  And, what usually begins as a “nice gesture” thing to do eventually gets on my nerves.  I find myself not looking forward to the time(s) when they typically arrive, because, well…I’m going to have to make small talk.

Today’s convo with the UPS man revolved around the possible design of t-shirts (for his side business).  Today’s convo with the mailman involved the 90’s music that was playing in our office.  The FedEx guy just walked in, and after the aforementioned visits…I let someone else greet him.

I think I need to be more NYC and less Georgia around here.