I Hate What You’re Wearing

14 Aug

The offenders:  USA Gymnastics Team

The item(s) in question:  Snap barrettes

My thoughts:  You already look as though you never reached puberty, so why wear something that no one under the age of eight does?  You get points for not spraying glitter in your hair (a la the Chinese team, who we won’t discuss in light of them winning the gold, and you letting America down with your silly falls and steps out of bounds).  But, points are deducted (and not just a tenth of a point, like 100 points) for the snap barrettes you insist on wearing.  Why not just say the hell with it and wear a scrunchie, too?  I get that you don’t need strands of hair falling in your face as you do flip after flip during your tumbling passes, but can’t you find another means?

The solution:  Bobby pins (two maximum, don’t get carried away) and better hairspray

2 Responses to “I Hate What You’re Wearing”

  1. Meigs August 15, 2008 at 1:17 pm #

    Reeb, You are being just a bit negative this week my love. I do not think team USA deserves criticism they won the gold and silver. Furthermore, we both know 2 bobby pins would not cut it. Perhaps next year they could wear a banana clip. Love Always. Mag

  2. Mandi August 15, 2008 at 3:37 pm #

    They won gold AFTER my post…maybe a little criticism is just what they needed. Banana clips – I had one in every color circa 1988.

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