My Daddy Will Faint

27 Aug

Confession:  I kind of heart Hillary.

Even though, according to the ever-enlightening Rush Limbaugh, I probably only like her because I’ve had “two or three abortions” or “have been married two or three times.”  Click here for his ridiculousness.

For the record, Rush, I’m zero for two in your little theory.  No abortions, and so far, just the one marriage.  You, however, have been married and divorced three times.  Hmm?  Maybe you don’t like women because they don’t like you.

At any rate, I thought Hillary’s speech last night was excellent.  Kudos to her speech writer – she seemed sincere, she rallied the crowd, and she was even a little funny.  She did what was best for the Democratic Party by swallowing her enormous pride, and I do like a girl who can “take one for the team.”  Now, that doesn’t mean I’m voting for Obama…I am one of those annoying “undecided voters” (and a moderate, too, which is equally annoying) – so we’ll see.

Here’s Hillary’s speech in case you missed it.  Don’t worry, I’ll show some love for the Republicans next week.

One Response to “My Daddy Will Faint”

  1. Southern Girl August 27, 2008 at 11:17 pm #

    Um, yeah…so, I can handle you being a “moderate” but I cannot handle you supporting HC. Seriously? Come back to the RIGHT side!!!

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