The Wholly City

26 Aug

Charleston, South Carolina, is known as the Holy City because, well, there are a ton of churches there.  The skyline is filled with them, and they say there are over 400 places to worship there.  It is surely deserving of this nickname, however, after going there this past weekend, I decided it should also be known as The Wholly City…since so many of us who have lived there feel whole when we go back.

There’s just something about Charleston that sucks you in and refuses to let you go.  No matter where you go after you’ve lived there, no matter where life takes you, Charleston remains a part of you.  I’m sure many other cities and places do this, too, but I’ve never experienced those – so I can’t speak to them.  Even though I’m not originally from Charleston, when I go back to visit, I feel as if I’m going home again.  It’s something my college friends experience as well, and it gives us a bond that most people don’t understand, or (gasp) make fun of.  Our response is simple:  jealous.

Here’s my plug for my beloved city:
If you haven’t gone there, go there.  Experience the culture, the history, the beaches, the amazing restaurants, the shopping, the inability to not trip yourself on the cobblestone or brick streets, etc.  You’ll fall in love with the place.  If you’ve been there before, go back.  There’s something to do no matter what the season.

One Response to “The Wholly City”

  1. Amy Jones August 26, 2008 at 11:02 pm #

    Ahhh! I miss it too! We’re going going back for our anniv. in October. Can’t wait!

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