Desperate Housewife

1 Oct

While not nearly as glamorous as Gabrielle, as clumsy as Susan, as nifty in the kitchen as Bree, and certainly not managing a household of children a la Lynette…I, too, am now a Desperate Housewife.

Say it isn’t so, right? That is what I said when I work up today – and indeed it was. Yesterday I joined the ranks of Americans who are unemployed. Yep, I’m a statistic.

It happened around 4:30 when our office manager told me our boss wanted to see me in his office. I thought to myself, “Uh oh. Busted for getting on Facebook at work.” No, that wasn’t it. Instead, he had a serious look on his face and said, “This is not a comfortable conversation to have.” Damn.

By 4:45 I was no longer an employee there. By 6:00 I had packed up my things, cleaned out my desk, written a few goodbye emails, hugged the remaining employees (I wasn’t the only one sent packing), and walked to my car. I’m an emotional gal, so there were a few tears shed while saying goodbye to my work family – and a few more when I got home and saw my real family.

Today, though, I’m determined. This economy will not get me down! No sir. I will find a job, I will find a job, I will find a job. And in the meantime, I’ll be a housewife – not a closet is safe with me home all day. Heck, I might even try some new recipes. Take the doggie for three walks instead of two. Volunteer in my mom’s classroom. Watch Regis and Kelly. Oh, and look for a j-o-b, of course. Because homegirl likes to shop. And I married for love, like an idiot, so I’ll be sending out resumes like a mo-fo for sure.

Be thankful for your job, whatever it may be. And if you have any luck with the man upstairs – put in a good word for me, will ya? I’m gonna need it.

One Response to “Desperate Housewife”

  1. Annette October 2, 2008 at 5:06 pm #

    I miss you!!!! LC may or may not have hooked up with Justin Bobby and I have no one to discuss this shocking news with. I tried to talk to my spin class about Danity Kane and it did NOT work.

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