New Television Obsession

7 Oct

Prior to losing the ‘ole j-o-b, I already had an unhealthy obsession with television (and more specifically reality television), and now it’s only gotten worse. I love anything reality, and will defend any show I watch, no matter how many people tell me it will turn my brain to mush.

Enter: The Rachel Zoe Project. Seriously, this show makes me less intelligent by the second – but I can’t stop watching it. If you don’t know who Rachel Zoe is, well, I have a problem with you right off the bat, but, she’s a (and some would argue the) stylist to the stars in Hollywood. She picks out their red carpet outfits, everyday outfits, etc. She’s pretty much like a designer closet that can talk. Anyhow, someone over there at Bravo gave her a television show, and I’m hooked.

Rachel Zoe is a ridiculous person who dresses ridiculously (most of the time), and says ridiculous things. Her favorite catch phrase seem to be, “I die” – like, “Oh my God, this vintage dress is incredible. I die.” Or, “She looks amazing. I die.” I kind of wish she would croak, so I could stop watching her be ridiculous.

Until then, I’ll be watching her on Tuesday nights…and secretly crushing on her gay assistant, Brad, and loving her other bitchy assistant, Taylor. I hate myself.

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