I Love What You’re Wearing

12 Dec

Have you ever liked someone a lot, and no one else got it because he wasn’t “the” guy to like, but you still liked him anyway because he makes you laugh and just seems like he’d be fun to hang out with? That’s kind of how I feel about Owen Wilson. I sooo would have flirted with Owen Wilson in high school.

Anyway, here he is looking dapper at the premiere of “Marley & Me” last night:

Isn’t he a cutie? I love that he isn’t trying too hard and that he looks comfortable. You don’t look at him and think about a stylist putting this together, which (by the way) is difficult to pull off with the mens. Most of us ladies can spot a woman-dressed man at 150 paces, but I’m not getting that vibe here. Mad props also for the obvious use of a brush – not something we typically get out of Mr. Wilson.

Yes, Jenn looks lovely also, but not everything is about Jennifer Aniston, ok? Plus, I thought her dress was a bit short, and I’m a little worried about her since I saw that GQ cover (which is not suitable for work, so don’t even go there with your Google search).

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