Voicemail Ramblers

6 May

Anyone who calls me knows that I am notorious for letting my voicemail inbox become cluttered. I don’t love the voicemails. Why? Well, mainly because I feel like they aren’t necessary. I saw that you called (thanks to that nifty caller ID) so I’ll call you back. I don’t need you to tell me to call you back, I will just do it. Promise.

At any rate, I have noticed recently that I’ve become a “voicemail rambler” and I don’t know why or when this happened. You know what I’m talkin’ bout. One of those people who just talks forever to your voicemail as if they are actually speaking to you. I’ve come across some voicemail ramblers that will actually ask you a question in the message, as if they totally forgot you can’t reply. My good friend Staci, bless her heart, is the ultimate voicemail rambler. It’s awesome. She will leave you a voicemail that is a minimum of three minutes long, in which she tells you who is driving like a maniac in front of her, what she just saw on a commercial, etc. It is one of those endearing qualities that I love about her, and no matter how much I want to press “7” to delete, I just have to listen to the entire voicemail because it’s so entertaining.

Lately, and certainly not on purpose, I find myself talking incessantly on voicemails. I noticed it last night when I left a message for a friend. I said the same thing three times, just in three different ways. Then, I did it again on a message for my realtor. I have to put a stop to this. Perhaps I should adopt the method that my friend Lauren and I used to use. It went a little something like this: “Lauren. Mandi. Call. Bye.” It addresses the person you called, tells them who you are, what you want, and gives a closing statement – all in about 2 seconds. Try it, folks.* Together we can end voicemail rambling.

*unless your name is Staci

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