But I Don’t Want To Put Up My Dresses!

2 Sep

Fall. It’s creeping up on us, folks. The air here in Georgia no longer frizzes your hair two seconds after going outside (it takes a few minutes now, which, my friends – is progress). And, all around us there’s talk of football. Gone are our lazy beach/lake days and white pants, and here for a while are Football Friday nights and College Football Saturdays. Oh, and sweaters, which I need to shop for, by the way, because they are super cute this season. I like anything that is baggy and covers my thighs. Hello Fall fashion…we will be great friends.

Men all across the USA will be glued to their televisions (or their stadium seat) for the duration of the season. So, before we all become disenchanted with our team of choice, while all of our teams are still currently undefeated, let me just shout, “Go Dawgs!” for my fellow Georgia Bulldog fans.

Sidenote: UGA lost QB Matthew Stafford and RB/freak-of-nature Knowshon Moreno to the NFL, so I’m not expecting much this year. I do, however, need and expect them to beat South Carolina. Because that’s a tough one to live down ’round here.

One Response to “But I Don’t Want To Put Up My Dresses!”

  1. Annette September 2, 2009 at 4:04 pm #

    in honor of it being cooler these past 2 days I have worn a summer scarf. i like it.

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