Tacky, Tacky

3 Sep

Levi Johnston, aka, The Boy Who Knocked Up Sarah Palin’s Daughter, went and did an interview with Vanity Fair and it’s all anybody can talk about today. Here’s a link so you’ll be in the know when someone says, “Wasn’t that tacky?”

p.s. It was.

p.p.s. Is he a looker or what? (in a he’s-too-young-for-anyone-who-reads-this-blog kind of way)

One Response to “Tacky, Tacky”

  1. Annette September 4, 2009 at 11:33 am #

    i think he probably only looks good b/c of the clothes and photography. i bet in real life he just looks average. and i had a kid in one of classes 'friend' me on facebook, and he was born in 1990!!!!! kids.

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