Can’t A Girl Just Get Her Half-And-Half In Peace?

29 Jan

I’ve given you my thoughts on going to the grocery store. I’d like to add another reason I despise going: Because no matter what I look like – even if I have on sweatpants from 1999, am not wearing a stitch of makeup and have dirty hair – someone will try to “holla” at me. And, it’s not just me (I’m not all that, by any means). I’ve discussed this with several girlfriends who have the same problem. No matter what you look like, there’s always a creeper in the grocery store who will think you’re cute. Sometimes it’s a self-esteem booster, but mostly it is just annoying.

Seriously people, up your standards.

One Response to “Can’t A Girl Just Get Her Half-And-Half In Peace?”

  1. Annette February 2, 2010 at 5:00 pm #

    i hate when they make comments about what you buy. like 'is this any good'? 'what do you make out of this?' etc. b/c if they're paying attention to my food items, they are definitely paying attention to any *other* items i might be getting-and i feel like the cashier and the bagger talk about me when i walk away!

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