North vs. South

15 Mar

Friday night, some of my favorite ladies and I celebrated the upcoming wedding of sweet gal named Lauren A. She’s from South Georgia (yes, people in South Georgia actually specify what part of the state they are from) and has the accent to match – and is just as pretty as a picture. Her fiance? Well, folks, he’s a…Yankee. I’m not sure how this happened but, these two crazy kids fell in l-o-v-e, and Lauren’s fiance even convinced her to move to Chicago. It should be said that she hasn’t lost the accent one bit.

I wish I could give you all the details of the night (which included a limo ride with a driver named Cecil who had a salt and pepper mullet), but I can’t. I will tell you, though, that at times I truly felt like I was on a combination episode of The Hills and The Jersey Shore. It’s nights like this that remind me how very 30 I am, yet at the same time, that 30 is the new 21.

I’ll leave you with one of our toasts for the night: Thank you, Abe Lincoln. Without you, this union of North vs. South might never have happened.

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