May I Begin My Resolutions In February?

13 Jan

No, seriously, can I?

The “Exercise More” One
Here we go again, right? I know, I know…different year, same ole story. And, I’m going to do it. (I really am.) But, it’s just too dang cold for all that right now. February, perhaps?

The “Spend Less, Save More” One
I’ve been on a roll with this one, but the upcoming Atlanta shopping trip is going to set me back. February, perhaps?

The “Watch Your Language Now That You Have A Niece” One
Yeah, it’s not happening. February, perhaps?

The “Don’t Over-Extend Yourself” One
So far in 2011, I’ve already been asked to serve on a committee for the Alzheimer’s Association. (It’s for a good cause!) February, perhaps?

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