Water Cooler Talk

8 Feb

The buzz around our office yesterday was, of course, about the Super Bowl. The National Anthem goof, the commercials, the half-time show – by the end of the day I was Super Bowled out.

Today, however, I’m not quite as “over it” so I thought I’d share my thoughts. You know, because I can tell you are on the edge of your seat and all.

A#1 (As Cecilia would say): Christina not only needed a new weave, but homegirl also needed a teleprompter. I mean, isn’t she a professional singer? Doesn’t she, like, do this for a living? I lack sympathy for anyone above the age of 15 who goofs our National Anthem.

B#2: The commercials. I saw many that I didn’t care for, but many that I did. The Bridgestone “Carma” commercial? Funny. The Volkswagen “The Force” one? Precious. Chrysler’s “Imported From Detroit” commercial? Amazing. And, while I didn’t care for the Doritos “Pug” commercial, I did like the Doritos “Best Part” one.

C#3: The Black Eyed Peas have gotten a lot of negative press about the halftime show. But, you know what? It was fun, it was entertaining and more importantly, it wasn’t Bono (insert yawn). So the sound quality wasn’t all that great. Welcome to 2011, where auto-tune has us all fooled that pop artists can actually sing. Lay off the Peas, people. At least they remembered the lyrics.

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