All’s Well That Ends Well

2 Mar
How the day was going:
I woke up to a heck of a storm that shook our entire house at one point.
My ankle gave out on my way into the office.
That caused me to spill coffee on my handbag.
I ate four bites of chicken salad for lunch at 3:00.
So, I developed headache.
I got a super annoying personal email.
I dealt with challenging clients.
My nail polish chipped.
I had to rush home so I could work a volunteer shift from 6-9.
For the second night in a row.
But then:
My husband had spaghetti made when I got home from work!
Our dogs wagged their tails and licked me when I walked in!
I changed out of my heels!
My friends were volunteering with me!
I laughed until my sides hurt (and drank 2 beers) at my volunteer shift!
Ryan Adams was playing on my radio!
I came home to my best friend!

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