Sunday Night Science Experiments

6 Mar
Standing brooms have been all the rage on Facebook recently.  I finally decided to give it a go, and these were my results (I didn’t even have to try to balance it – just plopped it on the floor and it balanced):
Text messaging with my mom:
Me:  My broom stands up.  What about yours?
Mom:  How?
Me:  Something about the way the planets are aligned and the gravitational pull…or something like that.  I saw it on Facebook so I tried it.  It worked!  Scott walked in the kitchen and there it was, standing up.  He thinks I’m crazy.
Me:  Try yours.  God, I’m just like you.
Mom:  I do not own a broom.
Me:  Hahaha.  Maybe we aren’t as alike as I thought.  That, or my dogs shed more.

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